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Overwater Peardrop Hard Case

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Get your bass in our case!

Interior measurement: 125cm/49”

For extra-long basses, including Overwater 5 string, 35” scale length J Series and Overwater Hybrid J’s.

Made by Hiscox for Overwater Basses to their "Liteflite" specifications, this case is seriously hard! Tough yet lightweight, these cases have the added advantage of being thermally insulated for extra protection. Not only that, but they feature the unique Hiscox Aluminium Valance - a double “lip” lid-to-base mating feature which increases the rigidity of the case whilst drastically reducing the risk of water ingress in rain/shower conditions, .

The lightest case in the Hiscox range, the Liteflite structure has been designed to provide high shock absorbtion, utilising an outer shell of nominal 1.5mm thick ABS bonded to a Polyurethane inner moulding so that, on impact, the outer shell will "give" or progressively collapse, reducing the shock passed on to the instrument.

The inner moulding is a semi-rigid, cellular foam bonded to the outside ABS shell and integral fabric to provide incredible structural rigidity. This unique foam moulding is actually created within the shell and achieves an absolute chemical bond to both the ABS and the internal cloth as it forms. The chemical bonding will not break down in normal use, thus maintaining the rigidity of the case for many years.

This interior moulding is a type of polyurethane foam unique to Hiscox, NOT POLYSTYRENE! and gives excellent insulating protection against rapid temperature changes (i.e. aircraft hold).

Inside the case, soft foam cushion padding has been fitted in key areas around the instrument (neck, horns, bridge) for extra shock protection.

The Hiscox Peardrop Hard Case includes an interior storage pocket under the neck section, accessed by a tab-lift lid, and ideal for storing your spare set of Overwater Strings!

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Shock resistant
  • Thermally insulated
  • Unique Hiscox Aluminium Double Valance
  • Storage pocket
  • Lockable (2 keys supplied)
  • Interior lined in Dove Grey velour

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